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​Are you ready to peel back the layers + tap into your deeper more powerful self?

​4 ​Ways to Transform Today

​Evolve Spiritually.  Increase Your Intuition.  ​Connect with your Higher Conscious Self.

These powerful courses are available live + ​home study for your convenience.

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Life + Success Coach Certification

​What if you could take your natural abilities and combine them with super powerful stealth-like tools that would take you from "giving advice" to easily coaching with much less effort and take away the drain on you. What would that be like for you?

Vibrant Vision Workshop

A step-by-step guide to help you people back the layers and get clear with what motivates, drives and inspires you. Filled with thought provoking questions for you to dig deep into the depths of your soul, this workshop is a journey like no other.

​Reiki Certifications

Did you know, there is an Ancient healing modality that YOU have access to right now that will open you up and allow an unlimited amount of energy to flow through you?

Chakra + Karma Workshop

​Tap into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and access your internal energy, ignite your personal power and transcend karma in this powerful workshop.

​Knowledge is Power, but is wasted without action.​ Combining Knowledge + ​Action  and Create Forward Momentum” /Dawn Depke

​Energy flows where attention goes...

​What you focus on expands, so be sure to focus on what you want. This is an important distinction to understand and implement. There are simple ways to access the deeper parts of your mind that knows exactly what you want and bring it to the surface. 

​In order to get what you want, its best put your focus your attention on what you ​want (not what you don't want).  I invite you to go deep into this through our Vibrant Vision Workshop and Vibrant and Alive Now's Guide to Creating Your Vibrant Vision workbook. 

​transformation = breakthroughs

​If you are determined to get massive results, release limitations, ignite your inner strength and reach levels of happiness and success you didn't even know were possible, it's time for transformation!

​All these purposeful courses are designed to help you learn, grow, peel back the layers and have breakthroughs that will positively impact your life forever.

​As your results driven spiritual and mindset coach + trainer, I guide you to unleash the inner vibrant and alive part of you that's ready to align and be fully self-expressed. I have many tools I'll teach you where you want to easily and naturally implement. You will find th​ese courses quite enlightening and fun. YOU are on the edge of a massive breakthrough!

You're ready, aren't you.

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​Lose What Needs to be Lost ​to Find What Needs to be Found

​Isn't it time you find the true you? The authentic you? You're in there!


Dawn has over 19 years of experience in private practice and teaching large and small groups in the health, wellness, spiritual and personal growth and transformation arenas. She’s taught at Universities, Businesses, Massage Therapy Schools, Bodywork and Energy work Schools, Yoga Centers, Healing Centers, Support Groups, Detention Centers, Youth Shelters, Boy + Girls Clubs, on TV and more.

She’s been told countless times that she has a gift for teaching. She takes complex ideas and breaks them down to digestible chunks. She has an engaging way of teaching to all learning styles that makes learning fun.

She's founded 3 different successful private practices, in 3 different States the past 2 decades. She was the Spa Director for Seven Bridges Medi-spa and the Office Manager for Dr. Mercola's Optimal Wellness Center in Chicago. She is Sagittarius, passionate and full of energy.

She's the also the creator behind the new empowerment brand, Vibrant and Alive Now. She is the Author of Vibrant and Alive Now's Guide to Creating Your Vibrant Vision and Vibrant and Alive Now's Guide to Creating Your Vibrant Morning. She is the founder and core instructor at the Conscious Mind Institute.

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