​4 Ways to Transform + Become More Conscious

​Do you have the Desire to Inspire + the Passion to Serve

​This is a place where powerful, brave souls like you, take a journey inward, reconnect and align with your higher conscious self, breakthrough limitations, release the past, ignite your inner strength and reach levels of happiness and success you didn't even believe were possible.

​ ​​4 ​Ways to Transform Now

​Whichever method of personal growth and development you prefer, these four options have been carefully designed to offer you a unique experience like no other.  Whether you enjoy group workshops, one-on-one work or digital learning, Conscious Mind Institute has something for you.

​Take Our Workshops + Certification Courses

We combine accelerated learning with the four learning styles to create the perfect learning environment and interaction for you to learn and retain the information presented during these interactive workshops.

​​Join the Tribe

You're invited to join the exclusive Tribe and gain instant access to the Vision Vault  where amazing life changing digital mindset courses, shape-shifting guided meditations and visualizations, empowering hypnosis recordings, action worksheets, inspiring e-books and so much more is at your fingertips for one low monthly fee. 

​Get One-on-One Coaching

Determined to become the BEST version of yourself, right now. Committed to unleash your limitless potential. Ready for a quantum leap. Committed to your spiritual path. Value yourself enough to invest in YOU... Dive right it and get one-on-one coaching to move the needle fast!

​​Join the VIP Inner Tribe

​The exclusive VIP Inner Tribe is by invitation only. This is for you, the seeker who is on a Spiritual journey of complete commitment to the growth, evolution, and transformation of your soul who desires the support and love of a tribe of like minded and kind souls that will support you through this process. 


Love this moment, for this moment is your life.”

​/Dawn Depke

​Transformation = feeling free + happy

​The journey of life is like driving on an windy road with many ups and downs. With empowerment tools the ups and downs take on a different, more positive meaning. An innate sense of freedom and fulfillment is born and life becomes fun + free. What would that provide for you?

​helping yourself + help others

​Brave souls like you who take the road less traveled often times feel empowered and inspired to help others. This journey may open many uncharted roads for you that lead to fulfillment through helping yourself and then others.

What Others Say


​That was the best and most effective PowerPoint I’ve seen in decades of corporate training!

​Sharlene Lewis

​MedImpact, San Diego, CA


I attended Reiki I workshop yesterday and I must say that the experience was AMAZING!! It was very informative and the Attunement was very spiritual. Who better to help you align with higher Universal energy than a beautiful Spiritual Being that has only the Most loving intentions on helping others achieve and express it to help there fellow human beings grow in all aspect of life!!!! I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS CLASS TO ANYONE SEEKING TO GROW, HEAL and SHARE!!! thank you Dawn!!!

​Yvette Morales
​Songbird Realty, Orange County


​I love the way you teach. It makes sense, even the more complicated topics. You break it down in pieces that are understandable.

​Jen Jocobi
/ ​​Entrepreneur, ​Huntington Beach, CA


​I'm a results driven Spiritual and Mindset authority, who guides you through a shape-shifting journey of discovery, guiding you to reconnect with your inner self, your higher conscious self, and fully align with it. I help you unleash the inner Vibrant and Alive part of you that is ready to be free from your past limiting beliefs and create an empowering future for yourself.

With over two decades of entrepreneurial + teaching experience in the field of holistic health and personal growth and development, I have led thousands of people just like you reach higher levels of freedom and success through one-on-one coaching, group coaching and live and on-line courses. 

​I am the​ creator behind the empowerment brand Vibrant and Alive Now. I'm the Author of Vibrant and Alive Now's Guide to Creating Your Vibrant Vision and Vibrant and Alive Now's Guide to Creating Your Vibrant Morning.

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